Ten Big News of the Kawai Family in 2012  


In March, Motofs father passed away at the age of 91. Moto and Wataru attended the funeral in Kyoto.

Wataru passed his law exams and took a year out to take a Chinese language course at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He has been studying in Beijing for 10 months and will return to London in February to start his first job as a solicitor.

Monika is in her last year of her university studies. She has been involved in a lot of drama at her university including a large production of the musical eOklahomaf as well as performing at the Edinburgh Festival in a student written play eEcho and Narcissusf.

Julia went on her first holiday in many years to Aberfoyle near Glasgow. She completed the Go Ape adventure course, taking a ride on Britainfs longest zipwire stretching over 400 metres long as well as crossing the Atlantic (sort of).

Mayumi and Moto went on a two week cruise across the Atlantic and visited the Caribbean. Nothing but the sea water could be seen for 8 days but they enjoyed a relaxing holiday!

Mayumi and Moto also visited Mallorca in June and enjoyed sunshine, white sandy beaches and blue seas. They also visited a lot of historical places on the island.

Julia passed her Maths and Biology AS Levels this summer and is currently preparing for her Biology A2 exams this January.

Mayumi continues to intensely practise her ballroom dancing and showed off her skills on Moto and Mayumifs Atlantic cruise.

Moto and Mayumi continue to play as a piano duo. They performed eSlavonic Dancef by Dvořák and eHungarian Dancef by Brahms at their piano teacherfs student concerts.

Monika went to Tenerife with her boyfriend Valentin, trekking in the Anaga mountains and going to the top of El Teide, the worldfs third highest volcano at 3,700 metres.